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Share Your Cosplay Photos To Get Cash Coupon

To express our thanks for all the support we’ve been receiving from customers, Xcoser offer a cash coupon for customers who share their photos. If you are one of Xcoser’s customer and have ever purchased products from us, then you can share your photo here to get the cash coupon. We’re kicking things off by giving away a 15%.10%.5% off coupon to every customer who shares or leaves a comment about her shopping experience. Basically, this is the perfect and direct way for saving. So how do you get it?


There are two ways available:

  • Send the photos directly to our email : [email protected]

  • You can post the video/ photos on your facebook, twitter, Instagram or website, blog, forum ect. It is appreciated if your reviews could contain the link of our products if you post at other website. And then send the link of reviews to our email account: [email protected]


Please also send us the order number as well as your name to our email account, If you cannot remember the order number, you can give us the name or email account you used to register in our website



  • You have to be one of our customers, you have bought either costumes, wigs or accessories ect from Xcoser.

  • The photos must be clear enough and make sure we can see the overall view, in good exposure and lighting condition.

  • Please note that any pictures from other sites or anyone's copyright are not accepted

  • To avoid unnecessary legal disputes, please make sure that all the posts are original from yourself;

  • No repeated pictures are allowed, please make sure each picture is unique;

  • Be sure the products are relevant to the item you ordered

  • We support JPEG, GIF, PNG, JPG images. Files must be no more than 1MB;


Once your submission is approved. We will send you the coupon code in the following 3 working days after your email.


As rewards, a 15% off  coupon will be given to the customers who sent awesome reviews with several photos shared. A 10% off coupon will be given to those who write remarkable reviews or sharing excellent photos. However the great review texts sender will receive a 5% off coupon.


Please notice that:
The photo must be sent within 2 month after you purchased from us. The photos you send to us will be displayed on our website or shown on facebook, twitter ect. Once you submit your photos that means you have agreed us to show it and use it to advertise.