Xcoser Star Wars Movie Cosplay Boba Fett Brown PU Leather Belt with Pouches Props

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Xcoser Star Wars Movie Cosplay Boba Fett Brown PU Leather Belt with Pouches Props

TV/Anime/Movie/Game: Star Wars

Character: Boba Fett

Color: Brown

Including A belt

Material: PU-Leather


Star Wars Boba Fett brown Pu leather Belt with eight pouches.

Velcro closure design, adjustable, easy to wear, and put off.

Fits in well when you cos Star Wars Boba Fett.

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Ammo belt Bob Fett

Hi from England. Ordered via Amazon. Well made belt, stitching neat but a few loose strands wanted trimming. It has pouches you can use, unlike some of the more expensive ones I've seen. I'm a 34" waist and there is plenty. Ive taken photo of it with a tape measure in inches at the last point of the square velcro for it to look neat.(This is only an estimate as I can't hold to the edges by myself). The Belt has a loop hole too to keep the belt excess after velcroing inside as does any normal belt. For me it will do the job which is to go with my Boba Fett. There are additions I need to make to get it right for the film close copy, but for the money and what you get for the money it's an absolute bargain. Again, well made and yes some stitching needed trimming, but when did you buy clothes that didn't have an occassional loose thread here and there lol. But this is a light, thin material False Leather. But worth every penny in my opinion. And if you want to use this on other costumes, the Pouches are removable, again a bonus if you want to use it on another Cosplay such as Deadpool or Captain America for example. Some may find the item light but for the money, again its a bargain compared to some more expensive, that you can't use pouches, you can't remove pouches or there's no belt loop to keep it neat when getting the belt to fit you..The velcro on this belt seems strong, so whether they've listened to previous buyers that's a bonus. In short I'm over the moon. But if you want more close 501st ready, you'll need to add weathering and other bits or buy more expensive. Me I can weather and add bits. I Love it.


good item good aesthetic rendering


This was a very high quality costume was well worth it my son had so many compliments people were constantly stopping us to take pictures with him

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