Xcoser Final Fantasy VII Remake Tifa Lockhart Cosplay Costume

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Gender: Female
Size: XS
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Game: Final FantasyⅦ
Character: Tifa
Gender: Female
Color: White, Black ( As shown as the picture )
Size: XS - XXL, Also we provide customer-handmade
Full-Set incl.:

  •  Including  Skirt + sleeve, vest, gloves, gauntlets, braces, arm guards, wrists, belt + loop
  • Fabric: Knitted material, elastic leather, composite leather
  • Appearance description:
    Tifa has all the images and characteristics that a goddess should have, the appearance of an angel, the devil’s
    The figure, bird-like voice, willow eyebrows, apricot kernel eyes, cherry sips a little bit, plus the standard melon seeds face, high nose bridge, all the beautiful features of Oriental women gather here, especially the long black hair With the wind flowing, Tifa, such a flawless female image appeared in front of us. While admiring the 3D production technology, it also allowed us to fully enjoy our vision.
      Tifa has outstanding skills, she is very powerful, and she can also show excellent cooking skills, and she is also very good at taking care of others.
    Character setting:
    Strong personality, independent and gentle, calm personality, calm and considerate in all cases, kind. Understandable, beautiful, and generous looks hide martial artists with amazing power. She often cared about the people around her and hated Shen Luo, who took away her hometown. As a member of the anti-Shen Luo [3]  organization "New Avalanche" led by Barred, she was involved in the excessive activity. For Claude, He is also a good confidant and has given great support to his fragile spirit. Tifa is as active and active as a boy, but in fact, she is very restrained at home. She rarely reveals her thoughts. She is more cautious about falling in love. Her feelings for Claude are more subtle, and she often does not know how to express them, but also As she said, it is not just words that can convey emotions.



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