Xcoser Star Wars:The Clone Wars Commander Cody Phase II Helmet

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TV/Movie: The Clone Wars / Revenge of the Sith (Star Wars Universe)
Character: Clone Commander Cody (CC-2224
Color: Orange + Black + White
Size: One fits most
Including: A Helmet
Material: Resin


Having fought alongside Obi-Wan Kenobi as close comrades, Commander Cody turned and fired mercilessly at his former friend and officer when Order 66 was given. On the other hand, as Clone Commander, Cody has outstanding abilities, loyalty to the Galactic Republic, and has left his own colorful mark on the Star Wars Universe.
And Commander Cody may make an appearance in the latest TV episodes of the Star Wars universe, Obi-Wan Kenobi.


【 QUALITY MATERIALS  Using high-quality resin as the main material of the Helmet and built-in metal reinforcement in easily bendable parts such as rangefinder, which greatly balances durability, aesthetics and weight.

【 ADDTIONAL COMFORT  Visor using non-reflective transparent material to increase visibility, as well as adding hidden breathable grid and built-in all-round removable foam pad to ensure the same great role-playing and wearing experience.

【 DETAILED IMMERSION  Adjustable rangefinder,fixed floodlight and antenna, with aging and war smudging effect on the surface of the Helmet, highly enhance the immersion as Cody, the battlefield Clone Commamder.

【 TV  REPLICA  The composite of Fine craftsmanship and design, 1:1 recreation of Clone Commander Cody Phase II Helmet details from The Clone Wars.

【 COLLECTIBLE COSPLAY  Perfect for Comic-con, Theme parties, Halloween and Star Wars cosplay,as well as a room decoration.


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Ms. Peacock
Impeccable Detail for Any Star Wars Fan or Cosplayer

I couldn't resist getting my hands on the perfect addition to my cosplay closet. Seeing the attention to detail Xcoser included in the photos alone was enough to seal the deal. But when I opened the box and actually saw the amazing work that went into making this, it's more than just a component to your cosplay collection. It's a show piece. The distressing of it is perfectly done while still remains sleek and clean.
The visibility with it on is surprisingly great. You may have a bit of trouble with looking down/walking up and down stairs if you plan to keep it on all the time but otherwise it is very clear and breathable. I will say IF YOU WEAR GLASSES BEWARE! I tried 2 different pairs/styles of frames with it and was unfortunately unable to get the helmet on with them ,so if you are not able to see without your glasses that could be an issue you may need to consider, or reach out to the company to potentially have a custom build to accommodate for glasses-wearer's. They do include a mask for underneath in case you want/need it. Which I thought was a really thoughtful touch. As far as cons go there really aren't many for me. There's a slightly odd odor out of the box but I am hoping after a few days out of the box it will air out and lose a bit of the weird scent it has currently. The only other con I have is that as a girl who has longer nails the additional visor attachment was a bit harder to fully screw on and so I can't always get it to stay in place how/where I want which is kinda a bummer since it's another nice little additive detail they made sure to include.

- immensely detailed and beautiful distressing to make it look authentic
- amazing visibility from inside the helmet
- complete 360 immense detail

- there's an initial funky smell when you open it initially but seems to fade the more its left out

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