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Xcoser Deadpool Movie Wade Wilson PU Cosplay Costume

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a)  TWO versions available: One-piece jumpsuit / Detachable version, please leave a message in the comments to choose the version when you place the order.

One-piece JumpsuitPromotion Price: $99;    Full outfit including: Jumpsuit+Gloves+Belt;   LIMITED STOCK LEFT(S:1  ; L:1). 

Detachable Version— Full outfit including: Tops+Trousers+ Gloves+ Belt;  Separate Tops+Pants, connected by Snap Button/Velcro(Random delivery);  Size: S-XXL/custom made

b)  Made of high-quality PU leather, back zipper design.

c)  Belt: adjustable, side release buckle.


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Xcoser Deadpool  Movie Wade Wilson PU Cosplay Costume

Movie: Deadpool

Character: Deadpool/Wade Wilson

Size: Custom-made/ Regular size

Color: Red and Black

Material: Costume:PU+ Soft resin; Mask:Latex; Boots:PU

Package Included:Tops+ Trousers+ Gloves+ Belt+ Helmet+ Boots Cover+ Shoes

One-piece Jumpsuit— Promotion Price: $99; Full outfit including: Jumpsuit+Gloves+Belt; LIMITED STOCK LEFT

Detachable Version— Full outfit including: Tops+Trousers+ Gloves+ Belt;  Separate Tops+Pants, connected by Snap Button/Velcro(Random delivery); Size: S-XXL/custom made

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  1. Deadpool at the movies

    Review by JPOOL

    Just got this suit before the premiere of Avengers Infinity War. Everybody loved my suit at the theater. Great suit (Probably should've gotten a size smaller) and I love the boots and shin guards. The mask is a little suffocating and hot, especially when you consider that I'm wearing it in Phoenix, AZ. The jacket rides up in the front and back when I life my arms, but I found a solution to keep it down. Love the design, but I'll probably only be able to wear this maybe 2-3 hours at time in full gear. I'm looking on purchasing a different mask from your company soon. I give this suit 3 1/2 stars out of 5. (Posted on 4/30/2018)

  2. Love the SUIT!

    Review by SactownSpidey!

    I have put this one to the test!
    Looks are very good for a decent to screen accurate look.
    Quality holds up to full on action. I performed some martial arts and climbing in the suit, it is quite comfortable to move in.
    I took this full on cosplay to a 3 day convention pulling many variations/ versions of Deadpool throughout.
    Also was tested in a full photoshoot!
    ALso was tested on / in an Ice skating rink! Where I was sliding on ice and getting mauled by children. All held up!
    I give the full suit , mask, shin guards, gloves etc, all 5 out of 5 Stars!!!

    For more please see my FULL Deadpool suit review video here: (Posted on 2/11/2018)

  3. Amazing product

    Review by Jordan Fightmaster

    I ordered the big package for this and let me tell you I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of the suit. Everything fit great except the belt was a little big but it's ok I can fix that. Overall I absolutely love this and it came about a week earlier than expected. Well worth the money. (Posted on 1/29/2018)

  4. Excellent!

    Review by Doyle Winkles

    "I love the mask!! I expected the material to be good quality but I wasn't excepting for it to be amazing! It fits just tightly enough to really show the detail in the mask/helmet. Very Happy with the mask.
    10 out of 10!!!!!!! (Posted on 9/28/2017)

  5. Awesome!Awesome!Awesome!

    Review by Joshua H.

    I ordered the costume a couple weeks ago. This first one came in faster than I expected but it was two sizes to small. I contacted the folks at Xcoser. They were very helpful and as soon as I gave them me exact measurements they sent me a new one. It came I today and the costume itself exceeds my expectations. The quality is amazing! There is a lot of detail in the outfit and the bottoms have a front zipper. I didn't expect the outfit to be this great. Speedy service, great quality and A+ customer service to boot. I would recommend Xcoser to everyone I know that's looking for an outfit. Great job!!!!!!!! (Posted on 4/17/2017)

  6. The other guy in a red suit with a lap worth sitting on

    Review by Jeremy

    Great base to add accessories to. Is a hit at all Halloween parties. Haven't met anyone that didn't think it was amazing. Not cheap, but you'll want to wear it every year. (Posted on 4/17/2017)

  7. Deadpool Costume Review

    Review by Michael

    Ordered on 9-29 and received 10-17. Very pleased with the quality of the order. As a previous commenter said, the shirt fits a little short, but with fasteners on the pants you're able to adjust it slightly to make it fit well. Everything else fits quite well, or adjusts slightly to fit you. The lower leg guards seem a little long, but just walking around in them seems to have helped significantly after only about thirty minutes. Everything is made well, and the complete ensemble definitely looks the part.

    The only real complaint I have is in the helmet, while it looks phenomenal and fits quite well, it gets very hot quickly, and does not have good ventilation. I think that enlarging the holes in the PVC mask at the mouth and adding two under the nose would improve the mask and make it much more comfortable.

    All in all I think this is a very high quality product (Would rate 4.5/5, with just a half point off for the helmet issue), and would definitely recommend anyone interested in a Deadpool cosplay to consider it. (Posted on 10/17/2016)

  8. Awesome

    Review by Faheyhey

    I ordered this costume with some doubts of course. i thought that it wouldnt fit and that i wouldnt like the fabric, but it blew me away. It fits perfectly and the texture and fabric is perfect. Well worth the price. i still need 3 more items to complete the costume so i will be ordering more items from here. Thanks for the great costume! (Posted on 10/15/2016)

  9. Amazeballs

    Review by Ben_D

    This product is so awesome. I just got it in the mail and immediately put it on. BAM! it was a perfect fit. The only problems I found with this cosplay was the mask was a little tight and hard to talk through. Those are minor problems. For the price, you cant get a better Cosplay costume. I highly recommend this costume to anyone who is a Deadpool fan! (Posted on 10/5/2016)

  10. Deadpool - Great Suit, but missing some items

    Review by Pete

    Opened up my order today and loved the suit, except I was missing the shoes and the boot covers that I paid for(have emailed xcoser to get them, waiting reply). Pants fit a little too big, but nothing that the buttons don't fix on the top. Great helmet with faceshell, the only thing I noticed is that the color of the helmet material and suit material were not exactly the same color...not biggy..barely noticeable if you're not looking right. Overall, highly recommend to anyone wanting a Deadpool suit. (Posted on 6/1/2016)

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Orders Arrangement:
There are 24 hours for us to collect and arrange the orders to our manufacturers after the customers placed an order, so if customers have some special or specific requirements for their orders after the order has placed(such as change the size, cancel order), we will handle those timely during the 24 hours. After the order arrangement, we will transfer the exact order information to our supplier and then they will begin to manufacture.

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We have special inspectors to check out the finished costumes; their job is to check two main aspects of the costumes. Firstly, check if there is some breakage or if the sewing is qualified. Secondly, they will inspect if the size, color and costume style are correspond to customers' order, also they will check if all the accessories are complete. The whole procedure is very careful, and after the product inspection, the inspectors will register and handle every costume well.

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