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Kantai Collection Cosplay
Recent Reviews from Happy Fans
Reviewer: Jesse S
This is an amazing quality helmet. The quality in plastic is superb. The detail put into the paint work and texturing is spot on. The inside of the helmet is padded to allow for a comfortable fit and keeps in in place well. Only issues i have with it is the antenna did not come glued to the helmet so you have to do it. And the helmet was built with 0 ventilation so the lenses fog up fast. Besides that im in love with it.
Reviewer: Thanura
Since the tail end of last year, I have been endlessly thinking about what cosplay I would do for 2017 and that would be Daredevil from the Marvel Netflix show. XCoser had the right mask for the right price and had a Marvelous(haha Pun intended) delivery system and top notch customer service. I will definitely buy from them again!
Reviewer: timetracker2643
I got these boots because the ones that came with the suit that I got were crap. Even though those boots were custom made to my feet, they didn't feel right and they kept falling down. Once I got them out of the box (and they shipped through FedEx all the way too, so they were to me in no time at all), I just changed out the insoles to ones that would help me wear them, and everything worked out great. Once I zipped them up to the legs of the suit, I discovered that they were actually taller than the ones I got with the suit, which right there was an added bonus, even the bottoms of the boots were great, better traction as well which was perfect. Over all, these Flash boots are like they came right off the show, and if the show ever decides to finally make the full yellow ones that Barry wears in the comics, I know that these guys here will make them just like in the show. Couldn't be more happier than I am right now with these boots. Thanks.
Reviewer: Terrell
I recently bought this Static Shock cosplay and let's just say I am in love with it! The only bad side that the mask should have been made better and the belt is horrible! It would be best to go buy a belt and spray paint it yellow. The trench coat is amazing but the inside is like a neon yellow instead of a regular yellow! Overall I love it! It looks great and I will be buying more from closers in the future!
Reviewer: Blas A Garza
Just got my package today of the poe dameron cosplay outfit. Shipping was smooth, box and items were packed nice and neat. When I put the costume on I felt as I was on set of the movie . Quality was amazing and accurate to the movies outfit . Had pretty much every detail of the outfit . Outfit felt good on me . Overall freaking A+ . If your looking for a poe dameron cosplay outfit then this is the place to get it.
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