Founded in 2008, Xcoser® is an international cosplay product and service provider with over 14 years of experience in design, production, sales and customization. We have designed and developed more than 10,000 products in various categories, and after years of hard work, Xcoser® has built a large professional R&D team consisting of designers and craftsmen in various categories, complemented by an increasingly mature production acceptance process and logistics system, ensuring that we can provide the most unique and competitive products on the market to you, the cosplay fans and Xcoser fans.

Now as Xcoser® moves into the next decade, we set boutique and high-end as our goal to move forward, using product experience and user feedback as the driving force for our product updates and iterations. Whether it's movies, animation, games, Halloween, Christmas cosplay products, or from Costume, Helmet, Accessory, Prop to Pet Costume, we strive for high reproduction and unique design for each product, while also striving to provide more and richer categories of multi-cultural products for cosplayers with different needs. We also strive to provide more and more diverse cultural products for cosplayers with different needs.

Fortunately, our products and efforts have earned Xcoser® a reputation as a leader in the cosplay industry, but once upon a time, Xcoser® was also a small, unknown brand. The original Xcoser consisted of a few enthusiasts and cosplayers who loved movies, anime and games, respectively, and the members gathered simply for the hobby. Some members loved movies, especially the Star Wars series and SF; others always used the classic intergalactic games for lunch break; others liked to find the latest anime costumes for their cats ...... Although many of us are already old, our hearts as a fan of a niche culture and as a Cosplayer are still the same as they were 14 years ago. That's why we polish each product as much as possible, actively collect fan feedback and continuously improve our services.

Xcoser® is dedicated to serving cosplayers from different countries and regions around the world, and we look forward to sharing our passion and love with cosplayers from all over the world:)

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