Xcoser Arcane: League of Legends LoL The Enforcer Cosplay Mask

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TV/Game ArcaneLeague of Legends
Character: The Enforcer
Color: Gold + Purple
Size: One fits most
Including: A Mask
Material: Resin
As a price for the industrial and urban development of Piltover and Zaun, air pollution has become a "daily routine" that people have to adapt to, exclusively in Zaun..
The poisonous air made the people of Zaun, including Viktor, unlucky enough to contract the disease.
As a means of fighting air pollution, The Enforcer from Piltover is equipped with gas-filtering Masks, and their golden Masks seem to be a distinctive feature of their role as residents and officers of Uptown.
(This product is only cosplay Mask, isn't medical-grade. Cannot really filter the air, please note)
<1> The use of high-quality resin as the primary material for the Helmet balances durability, aesthetics, and weight.

<2> The freely adjustable headband is always our standard, the Mask can be manually adjusted to fit your head circumference and comfort level.

<3> The mask has a built-in removable sponge pad to reduce pressure on the face and ensure ample room for breathability, so choose comfort or fit as you wish.

<4> The composite of fine craftsmanship and design, 1:1 recreation of The Enforcer Mask details from Arcane.

<5> Perfect for Comic-con, Theme parties, Halloween, and LoL cosplay.

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