Identity V Embalmer Exorcist Limited S (Gold) skin Cosplay Costume

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Exorcist's official illustration.(Exorcist's official illustration, ©Joker Studio ©2020 NetEaseInc)

Game: Identity V

Character: Embalmer / Aesop Carl

Exorcist Costume Fabric: dark texture red leather, black suede leather dark jacquard cross-section, spandex, soft woolen cloth, etc.

Including: mask+cloak+tops+arm straps*3+wrist guards*2+gloves*2+shoulder straps+waist belts*2+tapered pendants*2+bulb pendants*2+pants+back cloaks+decorative diamonds

Character info:

  • "Identity V" is a multiplayer asymmetric competitive horror game published by NetEase Games.
  • In the game, players can choose one of two identities: survivalist and supervisor.
  • The main gameplay: Survivors look for cipher machines to decipher and avoid Hunter’s pursuit. After deciphering 5 cipher machines, they can open the door to escape, while Hunter looks for Survivors to prevent them from deciphering and escaping, eliminating Survivors from the game.
 Aesop Carl
  • Survivors:Embalmer
  • Name: Aesop Carl
  • Introduction: There are minor differences in the final destination of people's lives and Aesop Carl is most definitely the person people envision sending them on their final journey. He follows every procedural step rigorously and affords the highest respect to visitors that have come to their final destination. He decided to take the place of an unfortunate, mysterious mother and complete her final wish after finding that letter on her. (From official website)
  •  ARTIST: The Embalmer can record and copy the appearance of other survivors on to surrogates. The survivor whose appearance was copied will receive the Rebirth ability. Once the Embalmer finishes copying their appearance, he will lose his own Rebirth.

 size :

Size(cm) Shoulder Chest Waist  Hip
XS 38-40 82-86 70-74 83-87
S 40-42 86-90 74-78 87-91
M 42-44 90-94 78-82 91-95
L 44-46 94-98 82-86 95-99
XL 46-48 98-102 86-90 99-103
XXL 48-50 102-106 90-94 103-107

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