Xcoser Costumes Winter Soldier Arm Bucky Barnes Cosplay

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Movie: Captain America:The Winter Soldier

Character: Bucky Barnes

Including: Silver Arm

Material: EVA

Color: Silver

Size: One Size

15 working hours hand made, non- returnable

This Winter Soldier arm pre-order 30 days. Fawless Quality Materials and Stitching, Looks So Cool!

Bucky appeared alongside team-leader Captain America in the two published adventures of Timely/Marvel's first superhero group. Captain America and Bucky were both briefly revived, along with fellow Timely stars the Human Torch and the Sub-Mariner, in the omnibus Young Men.

Bucky was a major feature of the Golden Age of comics as Captain America's sidekick,??He is an important role in the movie. Xcoser??Winter Soldier arm looks almost the same as Bucky arm, texture??resolution??looks good.

Winter Soldier arm

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