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TV Moon Knight
Character: Moon Knight (Marc Spector/Steve Grant
Color: White gray
Size: One fits most
Including: Mask
Material: Resin


Steven Grant and Marc Spector, mercenary and gift-shop employee, Moon Knight and Mr. Knight ...... The confusion and contradiction of multiple personalities and identities. Willingly or not, they are already “the Avatar of Khonsu”, struggling to achieve“the fist of vengeance”. How will all of them coexist, or not at all?   Conflict and mystery make Moon Knight the most unique Hero in the MCU so far .

The Suit Moon Knight has summoned,is the ceremonial armor from Khonshu's temple.  The Mask is wrapped in linen like a mummy, and the eyes shine like moonlight, all of which hint at the identity of the Avatar of Khonsu, the Ancient Egyptian Moon God.

<1> The use of high-quality resin to create a lifelike mummy linen wrapped texture on the Mask.

<2> Built-in all-round sponge pad, to ensure the comfort of wearing Mask for a long time.

<3> Transparent glowing eye design, allows you to wear the Mask like the Knight in the moonlight to walk freely and shine at your wish.

<4> The composite of fine craftsmanship and design, 1:1 recreation of the Mask details from latest Moon Knight episodes.

<5> Perfect for Comic-con, Theme parties, Halloween events,Marvel and Moon Knight cosplay.


▶Moon Knight Collection

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