Xcoser Thor: Ragnar?k Superwoman Cosplay Valkyrie Royal Blue Full Set of Battle Outfit Costume

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Xcoser Thor: Ragnarök Superwoman Cosplay Valkyrie Royal Blue Full Set of Battle Outfit Costume

TV/Anime/Movie/Game:Thor: Ragnarök


Color:Sliver & blue

Including:Cape + cape pauldrons*2 + Inner top + Inner pants + armor onepieces+ arm guards*2 + wristguard*2 + thigh guards*2 + shank guards*2

Material:PU leather & terylene


Thor: Ragnarök Costume Valkyrie brand new sliver full set of battle outfit.

Made of PU leather & terylene in high quality, has high similarity to the orginal character.

Royal blue cape, Reflective Materials design and delicate pattern, make it more cool.

Great for any Thor: Ragnarök/Valkyrie fans to cosplay.

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