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Hello welcome to xcoser.com.

Are you interested in our website, and would like to feature us on your personal blogs, Facebook, etc.?

Please submit your application via email: [email protected] And you can get free samples of our products, as long as you meet our requirements!


Who can become our sponsored cosplayer ? To become sponsored our products, we require the cosplayer to have all of the following:

  • 1. Have your own website
  • 2. Have personal blog, Facebook page, YouTube account or Instagram
  • 3. have a good fan base
  • 4. Be able to take good quality photos or video
  • 5. Advertise our banner on your website
  • 6. Share photo/video and review on your websites such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.

How to become our sponsored cosplayer?

  • 1. Submit your application via email: [email protected] The email should contain the links of your websites
  • 2. After we receive your application email, we will take a look at your information, and assess whether you have the qualification,
  • 3. When you are qualified, we will send you the confirmation email. You can choose one cosplay you are interested in, and tell us your measurements information and shipping address. Then we will send out the items.
  • 4. Once you have received the product, please post the pictures/video and reviews at least within a month. And please send us email reply with the links to your posts once you have uploaded them.

We will be giving you a free sample of our products, in return for a positive review. It must include a link to our website www.xcoser.com, mention our company name, and take good quality photos of you wearing the product. The review should be submitted on all the websites you own, such as your blogs, Facebook, etc.

You can also choose to submit a video review of the product. And it required that you must have a solid fan base on YouTube. The video must be a minimum of 2 minutes long, and mention our company name vocally in the video. The description should include a link to our website and company name. In the YouTube comments, you must include these following tags: Xcoser, Xcoser Costume, Xcoser cosplay, Xcoser review.

Welcome feel free to submit your application and join us.