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Halo has evolved the first-person shooter and video games in general. We may not have games like call duty or kills them without it. I wanna rank the seven main Halo games from worst to best. Before I begin I want to express that I like every Halo game, but there are honestly gems in the terms. I won’t be counting mobile games or Halo Wars because they aren’t really the same as the other games or the Halo Master Chief collection because it’s just the first four games combined and prettier. Even though they’re all good in their own aspect. Also I played all the games from the campaign and the respective multipliers, so I will be pulling each aspect into my ranking. Once more, this list is my own personal opinion, so if you disagree with my choices feel free to express your opinions below in the comments just keep it simple. Without further ado, let’s begin!



Halo ODST isn’t technically a standalone game it is meant to be a DLC for Halo 3 but it still counts as one to me the game just felt small and out of place and just it cannot compare to the trilogy. I’m also not very fond of the fact I didn’t really care about the ODST characters it was an interesting concept that was executed poorly and writing. It is not a bad game, it’s just kind of okay that’s why it’s number seven on this list.

6. Halo 4 (343)

The first attempt of 343 Halo franchise was okay I honestly feel like they were trying to think outside the box. However by thinking outside the box, they kind of lost the magic that was Halo. Choosing to make it feel more like call duty rather than Halo, it’s for this reason the multiplayer seemed that it was trying too hard to be something that it wasn’t meant to be. Then it comes to the campaign, I couldn’t bring myself to finish when first started playing it. It didn’t know what it wanted to be, sure they had to pick off where Bungie left off, and although it was tough the first two levels weren’t that bad, it was level three four and five that just didn’t grab me. Halo 4 was overall an alright game in my opinion


5. Halo 1: Combat Evolved

The first Halo showed up on the original Xbox many years ago. However I had a ps2 and never played Combat Evolved until it was released in the anniversary forum. I used to hear stories and tales of how epic Halo 1 was, but I used to play Halo 2 in Halo 3 so I expected it to retain that praise, however I do understand why at its time it was seen as a revolutionary achievement to gaming. I personally feel that the campaign level design just doesn’t hold up, it was way too repetitive and it didn’t live up to the legend I used to hear back in the day. Now let me make this clear Halo combat Evolved is still a great game it just doesn’t stand up to the sequel’s in my opinion which is a good thing the sequel should improve on the original now if I had to play this game when it first came out it may be a different story but I did not and that’s why I said Halo Combat Evolved is number 5


4. Halo 2

I got into the Halo universe through this game granted it was near the end of its lifecycle, but I’m reversing my friends on split screen and having a blast this game had many memorable quotes and scenes from the bridge level to the scare of flight there are so many iconic scenes and who could forget Master Chief’s finishing close sir finishing this fight the multiplayer and the campaign rocked and I really loved every second of it and in fact I’m one of the people here who actually loved the arbiter and didn’t mind playing as him I’m sure to 50% of Halo fans this is their favorite pic of all the Halo games, but in my opinion, although it’s good it isn’t the best stick around to the end to find out which Halo game is truly number one

3. Halo 5

Many people probably disagree that halo 5 is a little better than halo 2, but before you sharpen your pitchforks and light your torches let me explain my reasoning after he left for his disappointment I felt that halo had finally died. I thought 343 had took a dump on the entire franchise at my favorite game will go away now, but it took a chance with Halo 5 and it restored my faith even though the campaign isn’t on par with Halo 3, it is still better than a love for multiplayer feels like a quicker pace version of halo 3 multiplayer which is great and war zone is very good addition as well now of course there are some cons and I’ll explain my dislike and what I want to see in Halo 5 in a future video but for now a Halo 5’s multiplayer has got it number 3.

2. Halo Reach

This is such a great game that sometimes gets swept under the rug when talking about great Halo games the campaign rolls the multiplayer rocks and the customization towards a Spartan is fun and enjoyable from my first game to my last I will always have a blast.


1. Halo 3

This game is one of my top 5 favorite games of all time. the story is incredible the campaign is fun and the multiplayer was awesome and look at halo 3 as a more developed illa-in many ways and I love it I spent many hours playing this game with my friends and I grew up with it this is why in my opinion halo 3 is the best game out of the entire Halo franchise.


Do you agree with my list how you would rank your favorite Halo games from worst to best let me know in the comments below.

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