We all Mandalorians. This is the way.

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Not bad!

Some of the parts do come off easily after long use but it's an easy fix with Super glue. I wish it came with instructions on how to put it on properly! I would say maybe Velcro instead of strings could be better. We are gonna have to modify it so it can hold up better and maybe the chest plate should be a bit smaller it's difficult to move around or cross your arms lol

Luke Skywalker Belt 5/5

I was searching for a reasonably priced addition to my Luke Skywalker rebel pilot cosplay. I saw multiple options on Etsy or Ebay for > $ 200.00 USD. This option was honestly fantastic for the price. It feels sturdy. It sits well. It looks great. The one caveat would be that the holster may not fit a prop blaster as it is a little tight on my Luke, Bespin DL-44 model. If you are using a Han-Solo type DL-44 replica or prop (especially Rubies) it will NOT fit the holster due to the top-side scope. Otherwise, this is a great buy at a great price.

ODST Helmet

Quality is great, blew my expectations away! Fast shipping as well

Haven’t got my order

Solaire cosplay

Everything arrived sealed and nothing was damaged. At the time of purchase it was half off, definitely worth the money. Quality is really good for a whole pre bought cosplay. I could make a tabard or a scarf or some leather straps. But making a whole under suit that looks kind of like a metal mesh? Way too much work. The price vs time/effort alone was worth it. But the quality makes it even better. Customer service got back to me fast about changing my size before shipping. I’m a big guy 5’10 250lbs, real stocky. Definitely get the XL if you’re similar. The pants on a L were a tad too small but when looking at the size chart and people saying they run big I took a chance. No worries because I have a few months before the con and I’m planning on dropping a couple sizes. All in all a good buying experience I would recommend.

Great costume, could use better gloves

I love my costume, it’s great to wear and looks cool. My only problem is that the gloves that came with it came ripped and torn

Hello dear customer, thank you for liking the costume! To serve you better, please provide pictures of the gloves and we will upgrade the product further.

Hotline Miami Cosplay Rasmus Owl Mask
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Fast shipping and very good mask

My son is very happy with his mask, it was his birthday gift and it is of very good quality and design. Thank you.


Upon first view of the armour I was in disbelief as it’s incredible in design and detail I can’t say anything more about how awesome a job closer have done, the only downside is the ties that hold the armour on which I cut off and replaced with a sturdy Velcro system

Very pleased

Love this helmet although I had to dock a star for the visor, it's 100% clear and I had expected some form of tint. I have since completely repainted and added my own tint so I'm super happy

Halo odst

Exactly what I wanted looks awesome,fits my head perfectly,the visor could be a little tougher but all in all looks great .5 stars

Xcoser Bleach Nelliel tu Skull Mask
Sarah Winchester

I have never been so fond of a helmet until I received this. & Worked great for my cosplay and sat on my head quite comfortably! Love it!!!!!!

Looks much better in person

On the website it looks really thick and huge but it just almost fits my face and I have a thin face, does need some adjusting as movement dislodges it from my face, overall not bad not the greatest but still good enough for a cosplay, eyes are a bit too small but only just. Recommend for fans that don’t want to spend hundreds on a real latex replica


I don’t think it could be any more accurate. Goes really well with my Anvos mask. 10/10

Great mask

Amazing mask! 100 x better than what I was expecting!

Xcoser X-Men Wolverine Cosplay Resin Mask
Great products

Quick and easy

【 SPECIAL OFFERS 】XCOSER Darth Revan Mask Helmet Costume Props for Halloween Cosplay ( FOR US ONLY )
Kevin Bailey

Great special

【 SPECIAL OFFERS 】Xcoser The Avengers Loki Infinity Stones Tesseract Toy ( FOR US ONLY )
great price

easy to work with fast shipment

【 SPECIAL OFFERS 】Xcoser Injustice 2 Red Hood Mask Resin Helmet DC for Game Cosplay ( FOR US ONLY )
Kenneth Evans
Luv it

Very fast shipping package well helmet looks awesome


The costume is super awesome. I just feel like it could be perfect with little changes. For the price I paid, when I received the costume, pieces fell apart due to the glue which I get. But when you pay that much I feel like things could be done in a better way. Other than that, it’s legit, the real deal and one of the best cosplays for the Mandalorian.

The mold is excellent and it looks awesome, the paint job is good, but I definetely recomend re painting the helmet to better fit your style, other than that, I do recomend it.

Very Good

Didn't expect it to come with comfy inner lining

Xcoser Boba Fett Costume Original Design Star Wars Cosplay Costumes
Chris Abramson
Hunting thru the galaxy...

Fits great, and looks great. The quality is really good, too. Looks just as pictured, and fits as expected.

Mando costume

Over all costume looks great. The ties for the amor needs to be reinforced. 2 of them snapped off. Maybe consider sowing on Velcro. The tape that holds the chest pieces together came off

Xcoser Destiny 2 Cayde 6 Cyan-blue & Green Helmet Game Cosplay Helmet
Jason Spruance
Very good quality and beautifully designed

I would give it 5 stars if not for two things. 1) It was quite pricy. If I weren't in a pinch and really needed the mask quickly, I would have tried to make it myself. 2) The inside of the mask has a really strong odor that I am hoping goes away over time. It's hard to describe and I think it is from the materials used. But after wearing the mask for a minute, I had a burning/bad taste in my sinuses and throat.

Beyond that, wow, the mask is really beautiful, really good quality, and I am happy with it.

Xcoser Elden Ring Malenia Blade of Miquella Valkyrie Winged Helmet Cosplay Prop(FOR US ONLY)
Dewayne Lemmonds
A masterpiece that Valkyrie fans can't miss

Valkyrie is undoubtedly the boss that has held me back the longest, and because of her backstory, she has become my favorite Elden Ring character, probably not one. This helmet did not disappoint me when it arrived, the impressive old effect and the excellent workmanship of the two wing shape on top of the helmet, everything is close to perfect, well, the price is also very reasonable.