Very Very Very Important, please be careful to read and know it , before  your order . 

if you pay your order , Indicate that you clearly know the content of this treaty and abide by the relevant contract provisions.

Normal time - Ordinary(without Uncontrollable Risks**)

Due to high workload during like Christmas , Halloween or other times, it may take up to 10-15 working days*** to make the costumes.  

This Rush Charge will ensure that your order made a priority, finished in 4-5 working days*** after your purchase and delivered before this time or the date you need. The delivery time is still 3-4 Business days* to most countries.This service doesn't make any change to the delivery time.
We don't charge extra fees for rush orders usually, but so many buyers want their orders to be made first, if we put later orders first in the production line, this will be unfair to buyers who bought earlier.We still make costumes in order, for buyers who purchase this rush order service, we will make the order in extra work time after work.
*This Service is quantity Limited based on our real working capacity. Product quality will not reduce the quality of the product itself by choosing this service. We have strict quality testing standards and product qualification rates before shipment, which meets the quality system standards of your country, so please be assured.
Once this rush charge is purchased, it is not refundable even if the order, Due to the particularity of the customized service, we cannot give a refund for the order we placed. When paying for the order, in order not to cause displeasure to you and us, please make sure to re-confirm the payment before placing the order.
*Depending on the time of the logistics carrier, the time will be different in different countries. When the order is delivered to the logistics company, please check the logistics carrier in the order number provided by us and obtain a specific time. For logistics, distribution, and other issues, please consult the logistics carrier yourself. If necessary, our company will provide assistance and material certification
**Uncontrollable Risks:
Accidents caused by natural forces such as floods, fires, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc. Government regulation: promulgation of bans, adjustment of systems, etc.
Social accidents: wars, terrorist attacks, strikes, etc.
***The time marked with *** is the normal time to purchase this service. If you encounter special circumstances and irresistible factors, we do not make any guarantees and commitments at this time. We also have no responsibility and do not accept applications that can be canceled.