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Darkseid was originally named Uxas , the second prince of the Apokolips at that time. The Apokolips was ruled by his father, Yuga Khan. One day, his brother Drax declared that he had found the powerful Omega effect. When Darkside learned about it, he secretly calculated Drax and take this power as his own, and while gaining power, he has also become a giant with a rock-like appearance. And his elder brother Drax (Drax) was chosen by Origin after surviving, and became its executer-Infinity Man.

Yuka Khan wanted to discover the secrets of the wall of origin but trapped in the wall. Apokolips has since been in charge by his wife-Heggra. At this time,Darkseid fell in love with female scientist Su Li.In order to prevent his son from degenerating, Heggra recruited people to assassinate Su Li, but she did not expect that this action would provoke his son's fatal revenge, and Darkseid eventually ordered Desaad to poison her to death.Darkseid, who has lost his lover, completely abandoned his emotions and usurped the throne and divine position of the Apokolips. His uncle SteppenWolf also obeyed the laws of the Apokolips and surrendered to the strongest of the Apokolips: Darkseid, and became its a military commander, leading an endless army of Parademons to conquer the multiverse.

Darkseid has since become the most famous tyrant in the DC Daquan. He has been fighting for hundreds of millions of years with the New Genesis led by Highfather. He has clashed with the entire Green Lantern Corps and participated in the Infinite Earth Crisis. Fighting against the Anti-Monitor, kidnapping and brainwashing Superman’s cousin Kara and eliminate the Justice League in the final crisis.

After the Flashpoint of the DC event, the DC universe restarted, and he also had a new background: Uxas was originally a farmer, and one day he hated the Old Gods on his planet (are a group of giants). So he came to the mountain where they lived while the Old Gods slept. He instigated discord and let the Old Gods kill each other. When the Old Gods were weak, he killed them one by one with a sickle, released the divine power, and took possession of it. From then on he changed this planet into Apokolips, and he himself became Darkseid.

However, this origin was later suspected to be abandoned, and Darkseid is still the evil god of Apokolips since ancient times. After Darkseid usurped his father’s divine position, his godhead became extremely large. His existence has a special meaning in the universe and has his duties. Even the Spectre cannot be killed he. The Omega response, the source of its power, seems to have a special connection with the anti-life equation held by the anti-monitor (Final Crisis also has the anti-life equation as its "created" setting).

The person Darkseid was scared of was his father, Yuga Khan, who turned around and ran away without daring to fight back when he returned from Yuga Khan.

Darkseid first appeared in the Bronze Age when the heroes were generally weakened. When he appeared, his initial strength was not so strong that he had a black history of being beaten by the Doomsday and being beaten by Superman on the wall of origin (And before "The Final Crisis," there seems to be a saying that there is a clone, and even his subordinate, Desaad, is also acting as a fake Darkseid.), ruling the Apokolips with absolute coldness and cruelty. That is the real hell,it is better to say that hell is much better than Apokolips. Under his rule, there is no hope, no mercy, only Darkseid.

There was a fierce conflict with the Green Lantern Corps. After the first discovery of Darkseid, all 3600 Green Lanterns attacked with an intent to overthrowDarkseid’s rule on the Apokolips, but when sacrificed two-thirds of the members and arrived in front of Darkseid. The Green Lanterns and the Guardians of the Universe found that they were unable to compete with it. This attack was deliberately arranged by Darkseid in order to see the strength of the Legion. IIn the end, the Guardians of the Universe negotiated with Darkseid, making the Apokolips an area where the Legion could not interfere.In the later stage, the strength and settings are continuously improved, and the Green Lantern Corps became more vulnerable in front of him, and the Guardians of the Universe avoided talking about his existence.

Darkseid is one of the strongest existences in the DC Universe. He is a multiverse existence that uses Omega rays and can control the entire universe of life and all creations. In addition to the terrifying physical ability that can crush Superman, there are also powerful mental abilities. People who can control the entire planet can also use various avatars to make themselves huge, but it is strange that this powerful existence does not Able to fly, he must rely onApokolips's technology to achieve flight (He can fly after the new 52).

The biggest feature of Darkseid is the omega rays released in his eyes. This is not simply a high temperature or destructive ray, but contains the power of the Omega effect, which can completely wipe out the existence of opponents, it can also be resurrected, and general roles will be direct spike. The existence of the multiverse like the Anti-Monitor can withstand this attack, but it will still be hit hard; he can control the direction of the omega rays at will, and can use this thing to make himself Traveling through time and space, you can also use Omega rays to destroy the world. He can also use Omega Sanction to break his opponents into endless parallel worlds, and these worlds are worse than one. In the Final Crisis, Batman was hit this way.Many people may wonder why Omega rays have no effect on Superman,The reason is that Superman is protected by Source Wall, one of DC’s super gods.


Interpersonal relationship in Darkseid:

Father: Yuga Khan

Mother: Heggra

Uncle: SteppenWolf

brothers: Drax (infinite man)、Izaya (Hightfather)

Daughter: Grail

Sons: Kalibak、Deathspawn、Orion

Adopted son: Scott Free (Mr. Miracle)

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He sky rains fire, the earth tremble, and the ground is covered by darkness.

But we don't fear, there is a god among us.

His speed faster than lighting,

His fists smush all evil,

His light pierces all darkness.


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