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Xcoser Free Shipping Kylo Ren Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens Adult Cosplay Costume

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Designed to look like Kylo Ren from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Made of high quality Polyester, fabric, PU, PVC. Outer tunic(Polyester),Scarf(Polyester),inncer tunic(Oxford Fabric),belt(PU),Gloves(PU) Helmet(PVC).

Excellent review video:

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S 34-36 inches 28-30 inches 21-22 inches 5'4"-5'6" 35-37 inches 29-32 inches 31.5 inches
86-91 cm 71-73 cm 55-57 cm 163-167 cm 89-94 cm 74-81 cm 80 cm
M 38-40 inches 32-34 inches 23-24 inches 5'6"-5'8" 38-40 inches 32-35 inches 32 inches
96-101 cm 81-86 cm 58-60 cm 168-172 cm 97-102 cm 81-89 cm 81 cm
L 42-44 inches 36-38 inches 24-25 inches 5'8"-5'10" 41-43 inches 36-39 inches 32.5 inches
107-111 cm 91-96 cm 60-63 cm 173-177 cm 104-109 cm 91-99 cm 83 cm
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84-86.5 cm 65.5-68.5 cm 87.5-91.5 cm 74 cm 165-107/88-90 cm
M 35.5-37 inches 28-30 inches 37.5-39.5 inches 31 inches 8-10
90-94 cm 71-76 cm 95.5-100.5 cm 79 cm 167-172/92-96 cm
L 39-41 inches 32-34.5 inches 41.5-43.5 inches 33 inches 12-14
99-104 cm 81-87.5 cm 105.5-110.5 cm 84 cm 168-173/98-102 cm
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109-114 cm 94-98 cm 117-123 cm 89 cm 170-176/106-110 cm


Xcoser Kylo Ren Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens Adult Cosplay Costume

Movie: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Character: Kylo Ren

Size: Regular size/Custom-made size

Including: Outer tunic,Scarf,inncer tunic,belt,Gloves(PU) The Helmet is optional

Material: Polyester(Outer tunic+ Scarf) + Cotton(Inner tunic) + PU(Belt+ Gloves)


We made the following improves for the  V3 Version

1. We remove the collar of the inner tunic,

2. modify the shoulder and arm joints of the inner tunic, easy to movie ,

3. scarf: 3m*0.75m

4. make the buckle of the belt black.


Inspired from Star Wars:The Force Awakens, designed by Xcoser team. V2 version:

1) Outer tunic: black color; comes with a hood; front zipper; sleeveless.

2) Inner tunic: black; Pleated long sleeve with front zipper.

3) Scarf: black, woven surface, hairy edge. 1.7m*0.5m

4) Waistband: black color, good quality leather material; adjustable belt with velcro closure, length: 85cm 

5) Gloves: smooth pu material, feeling soft and comfortable.

Great for halloween, costume parties.

Best Kylo Ren costume for the big villain fans.

To insure the costume is suitable for you, pls provide your measurements to us in advance, including height, chest, waist, shoulder, and hips. Or you can refer to the size chart as follow.

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  1. Excellent costume

    Review by Rodney

    I received the outer, inner, and helmet for this Kylo Ren costume. I am very impressed with the construction and feel of the costume. I am most impressed by the materials and textures used, as they look and feel very authentic. I have used this suit to volunteer several times for Star Wars events and kids love coming up for photos with Kylo Ren! (Posted on 7/14/17)

  2. Freaking amazing

    Review by Blas

    Just got my kylo ren V3 outfit . One word sweeeet. As soon as I got it I ripped open that package and trew it on . I love everything about it the detail is great . No.problems at all fit just right . Just need to adjust belt but other than that I highly recommend this for any kylo ren or star wars fan. I can't wait to wear this for the upcomming cons I'll be attending ! Xcoser did a great job once again (Posted on 4/26/17)

  3. Perfect

    Review by JaGo

    I ordered the V3 and send in my Sizing.Today it arrived and took around 10 days.
    It fits perfect!!!! I am really surprised by the Quallity of the Materials and the accuracy is near to the movie Original.

    Great Job Xcoser Team and thank you so much for this nice Costume :) (Posted on 2/22/17)

  4. Amazing quality & great price

    Review by Chris Mouawad Sydney,Australia

    I recently ordered the Kylo Ren V3 Costume and I'd like to say I've never been happier in my life the sizes are very accurate and if you aren't a grown up I suggest buying a couple centimetres, aswell as bulking up a little bit if you have a skinny body type. The quality is amazing and looks like the real thing and the price is so good that you would not be disappointed with your purchase. Even though XCOSER states 10-13 days to receive your order, if the time of your purchase isn't busy you should get your suit just over a week (my suit came after 8 days of time of purchase). This is perfect from a Halloween party to enjoying it at home. Overall you will get your money's worth! (5-STARS) (Posted on 1/16/17)

  5. Amazing! More than I expected! V3 inner + outer tunic + scarf ...

    Review by Sven

    The costume is amazing in look and feel.

    The measures in the size chart are absolutly correct. I ordered size xxl and it fits perfect. My body size: 193cm, 125kg.

    The fabric of the outer tunic is a wool like and moves very soft. The pleats of the inner tunic are very good. The scarf is big and long enough.

    The soft parts are looking very screen accurat.

    Belt and gloves are only cosplay quality, but a good start.

    You will get an amazing basic costume for the money.

    I'm very pleased, thank you XCoser!
    (Posted on 12/30/16)

  6. Excellent Kylo Ren costume

    Review by Noiru

    Kylo Ren V3 Costume.

    An iconic costume from the Star Wars episode VII main antagonist Kylo Ren. After some extended research , I have stumbled in many versions of Kylo Ren costumes. Generaly speaking, the Xcoser version is the most recommended according to many Kylo Ren cosplayers. A costume that is often recommended by facebookpages and RPF forums. I have also looked into the Costume Base costume, however I was not pleased with the material they used and it looked less screen accurate. This is where the XCoser outshines all other costumes. The material that is used is top notch and it feels heavy like it should to be more screen accurate.

    The costume consist of :
    Inner tunic- The inner tunic is pleated and is made of comfortable material. The zipper is in the middle of the tunic and it does not pose any issues with the aesthetics. The inner tunic has been praised by many kylo ren cosplayers. The pleats are well fabricated. Creating your own pleated tunic is considered complex and time consuming. This tunic can be 501st approved with some minor alterations.

    Outer Tunic- Made out of strong thick material and the hood is detachable on the V3 version. The hood is large enough to cover your head even with a helmet on.

    Gloves- Decent quality gloves made out of pleather

    Belt- The Buckle on the v3 version has been made black this time to make it more screen accurate. The buckle looks good and made out of sturdy material. Unlike other costumes, where they tend to get loose quickly. The belt itself is made out of pleather.

    Scarf- The scarf is made out of the same material as the costume. Thick black fabric that suits well with the costume. Putting the scarf on is very straightforward. You still need to do a few alterations to make it screen accurate.

    Xcoser provided excellent support with my purchase. Their facebook support responded within 1 day and provided all the adequate information. The website needs a bit of an update regarding the process of orders. It didnt provide the information whether the order was shipped or not. The order was sent by EMS and the package arrived very quickly. It only took 9 days before the package arrived at my door. I was very surprised with the fast delivery.

    Overal I would highly recommend buying Xcoser Kylo Ren costume. A costume of high quality and for its price very screen accurate. (Posted on 11/23/16)

  7. Value for money!!

    Review by Haikal

    I ordered the Kylo Ren V3 inner tunic last week and when I received it early this week, I was pleasantly surprised! It is well constructed from very good fabric. The fit, out of the box, is amazing despite my choosing a generic size. Not only that, the Xcoser FB staff kept me updated on my order and answered my queries before I placed the order. Xcoser is definitely exemplary in its product offering as well as its customer service. I will definitely buy again! (Posted on 10/21/16)

  8. Kylo Ren Inner Tunic

    Review by Kal

    I placed the order a week ago for a V3 (collarless) inner tunic and was pleasantly surprised when I received it earlier this week. It is very well constructed from good and heavy material, the pleats are immaculate and the fit is great, despite ordering a generic size. The communication from the Xcoser FB staff who constantly provided me with updates for my order was also top class. Kudos to the excellent service provided by Xcoser. I will definitely buy again! (Posted on 10/20/16)

  9. amazing, send in your measurements!

    Review by Harrison

    Just received mine about half an hour ago, tried it on, and WOW. Firstly I am very pleased with the delivery time. Placed my order on September 26th and received October 5th, I was not expecting it for at least another week!
    I read so many reviews, and repeatedly came across the issue of other customers saying it was tight in the upper arm and shoulder area. I didn't want to do any alterations myself, so I sent in my measurements. Immediately after putting on the inner tunic (the piece that customers had said was tight), I was relieved! It fit perfect. The quality of the costume itself is amazing for the price. Very heavy, quality fabrics.
    Pair this with the Black series Helmet and force fx light saber and youre sure to make heads turn at Halloween events or Cons in your area. 9.9/10, the gloves are just a tad small but will do. (Posted on 10/5/16)

  10. Fantastic

    Review by Meagle

    Ordered the V3 Updated inner tunic, and all I can say is wow! I got this custom fitted and it is truly amazing, the fit is great perfect to the specifications I had sent ,well constructed . I really like the free range of the arm, perfect for a wide range of movement not constricting at all. The tunic very accurate to the reference pictures that I have seen. The order to receipt was very quick for a custom order! Got here within the week. overall this tunic is a wonderfully constructed piece and well worth the price. I highly recommend this tunic to anyone lookding for a wonderfully accurate costume. (Posted on 10/5/16)

Items 1 to 10 of 62 total

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Orders Arrangement:
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We have special inspectors to check out the finished costumes; their job is to check two main aspects of the costumes. Firstly, check if there is some breakage or if the sewing is qualified. Secondly, they will inspect if the size, color and costume style are correspond to customers' order, also they will check if all the accessories are complete. The whole procedure is very careful, and after the product inspection, the inspectors will register and handle every costume well.

Once our shipping operator got the costumes, they will go to the internet to check the customers' shipping address and then fill in the shipping list carefully. After all of the shipping processes accomplished, we will call the International Air Service Cooperation to take the goods for delivery. It's may be relatively time-consuming as the long distance and many customs inspections, but as our shipping method is air transportation so it's save the shipping time to a large extent. Usually, the whole shipping time is 5 to 7 days if there is no problem on it, but the specific shipping time may vary from country to country.

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