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Xcoser is a trademark and it's the world's larger online-only cosplay products retailer. It began in 2008. Now has more than 12 years of experience in design and made cos-products. It provides over 10,000 costumes and 3,500 exclusive items, also affords awesome products you won’t find anywhere else.

 Sounds great, right? Believe it or not, there’s even more to it than that! Yes, it has a whole lot of costumes, but the number isn’t what matters. What matters is that it made and carry all of those costumes and accessories to be inclusive. You can count on us to have costumes for all ages from infant to elder, all body types, all interests, all styles and expressions of greatness and dreams and imagination that you can, well, imagine. Yes, even you will find a costume favorite worthy of the ‘gram right here at Xcoser.com. When we say our products are for everyone, we mean everyone!

 So, what’s in a name? We’re proud to call ourselves Xcoser.com because we love every cosplayer, and it shows in everything we do. That cosplay's spirit of outgoing fun, unsettling mystery, and epic transformation shouldn’t be kept to just one time of year or in our life… We believe it should be a part of our lives all year long! Our costumes are perfect for cosplayers who love to play dress-up and make-believe, for students in the spotlight of a school presentation and get ready to play the part because Made by Us costumes look great on any theatrical stage Or participate in an exhibition, holiday, or any party. Bravo!

Going by our name it’s obvious what our favorite is, but we truly love everyone. You’ll find costumes for St. Patrick's Day, Purim, Christmas, and more options, from traditional to hilarious, for pretty much every holiday around the world. Seriously, no matter the time, the reason, or the person, you’ve discovered us, and now that you know who we are we hope we can continue to inspire you to keep that memorable and irresistible attitude with you wherever you go. Cosplay and Cosplayer forever!


Xcoser   X-Costume

We believe that unique, well-made products have the power to create some of life’s best moments. That’s why we created Xcoser, X-Costume, a diverse selection of costumes, accessories, coats, suits, and sweaters, all artfully crafted by our talented team of artists, designers, and developers ( 150+ artisans worked in the world ).

 Each Xcoser, X-Costume product is created just for you, with a passion for the creative, the whimsical, and the unexpected—with true, unmistakable quality, assured license integrity, and expert know-how that could only come from years of creating products people love.

 No matter how much time it takes, our goal has always remained the same—to create inspired products, premiere customer service that has the power to inspire you, and create unforgettable memories with your friends and family.



Our Story

 Why do we cosplay? It was the question that we never thought of a years before. I didn’t find the company then. In fact, I was a shy and weak person at that time, with no purpose of life. Until one day, I had to do a cosplay of Spider-Man, OMG, everything was changes include my life.

 I put myself in the bodysuit, covers face with the mask, then I feeling good and becomes a different person. I stood in front of the mirror, a real Spider-Man shows up, and come true by my side. My friends and coworkers are all shocked about it, people take many photos with me and the children become inspired and cheered.

 In that moment, I got much brave and strong. On the other hand, cosplay became my habit. Because of my passion, well, I makes lot of costumes and props day by day, after as we know I do so well, and so similar with the original characters. At that time, I just made mine own costumes, went some conventions and had some fun enjoy, people started to ask him to make costumes and pay for it.

Finally, the first version went out good and earlier than imagined.
More and more customers love I made products. In order to live up to every love, I also founded this brand and now everyone knows it.

That’s the story of me. No matter who I’m, who you’re, cosplay will bring us something new and gives our purpose. Our world needs more positive power also heroes.


This is all about our brand story, cosplay‘s magic change my life also make my dreams come true, and also hope you will...
Follow us on  Facebook   ,Ensure you WON’T MISS our Latest Update and Limited Time Events like“FREE GIVE AWAY”  and so on !!