The "Product Pre-sale Agreement"

The "Product Pre-sale Agreement"(hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") is your (or "user", refers to the individual or organization that registers, logs in, uses, and browses the service) and Xcoser International Cosplay Costume Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xcoser"). ") and its operating cooperative stores (hereinafter referred to as "cooperative stores") regarding the pre-sale of products on the Xcoser website ( / /, hereinafter referred to as this website) protocol.

Xcoser hereby reminds users to read carefully and fully understand this agreement, and minors should read it with the legal guardian. When you click to pay the pre-sale payment, you will be deemed to accept this agreement and agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement. Unless the user accepts all the terms of this agreement, the user has no right to purchase pre-sale goods.

The user understands and accepts:

1. Delivery time: Including the production time of the pre-sale goods, the detailed time is subject to the website announcement, and the goods will be shipped 2 to 3 weeks after the production is completed. But Xcoser reserves the right to ship in advance;

2. The pre-sale order address cannot be modified: in order to combat unscrupulous customers, the pre-sale order address cannot be changed. Please confirm your delivery address carefully, it cannot be changed after submission;

3. Cancel the pre-sale order: Before the pre-sale order is shipped, the user can apply to cancel the order, and we will process the refund for you within 2 weeks after receiving your application. After the pre-sale order is shipped, the return and exchange process is the same as the normal order. If the product exceeds the development period shown on the website, we will notify the paying customer in advance, and the customer can choose to refund or continue to wait.

4. Pre-sale products are subject to the price paid: Pre-sale products are subject to the price when your payment is successful. If the price of the pre-sale product is adjusted, the paid order price will not be affected.

5. Fight against unscrupulous customers: In order to protect the interests of fans and combat high-priced reselling by unscrupulous vendors, Xcoser reserves the right to cancel malicious orders.

6. The "Product Pre-sale Agreement" is successfully submitted, which represents the effect of this agreement and is legally binding on both parties.

7. Other
7.1 The pre-sale products displayed on the website page, the final sale time, price, and other information are subject to the page. For specific R&D progress or process, please follow the official Facebook and IG or join our Newsletter.

7.2 After you confirm and fill in the quantity, price and payment method, consignee, contact information, delivery address, etc. of the pre-sale goods purchased according to the system prompts, the system will automatically generate order data. After the user clicks to submit the bill of lading, the user will indicate that the user submits to the Xcoser Contract offer issued. And the user should complete the order payment within the specified time before it is regarded as a valid contract offer.

7.3 Xcoser website reserves the right to ship in advance.

7.4 reserves the right to independently decide to refuse service, close user accounts, remove or edit content, or cancel orders within the scope permitted by law.



Early bird price: the red part is the early bird price, which is given to customers who book early in advance

Listing price: The price in the gray part is the price of the final product after it is launched