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What We Live By


Our Core Values

At Xcoser, our Core Values are more than just words. They're a way of life.

Besides being distinctive, these beliefs create a framework for Xcoser’ actions. These values guide everything we do, including how we interact with our employees, how we interact with our customers and community, and how we interact with our vendors and business partners.

As we grow, our processes and strategies may change, but these  Core Values will remain the same.

There’s nothing more important to our organization than our Core Values. They create the foundation of everything we do and represent who we are and who we want to be as we continue to grow. We put the Core Values into practice every single day, in every aspect of our company.


Find Your Passion

Build Strong Relationships

Embrace Nerdy Goofy Fun

*Approach new projects with enthusiasm

*Pursue ongoing improvement and learning

*Take ownership and go the extra mile

*Find common ground with everyone

*Establish mutually beneficial relationships

*Be a supportive team member

*Be your true self

*Make someone smile every day, including yourself

*Break out of your routine and have little fun

Know the Value of Your Time

Focus on the Positive

Be Humble

Change the World!

*Stop procrastinating and prioritize

*Precent the problem at the root cause

*Automate repetitious tasks/create processes

*Find the silver lining and bring it back to positivity

*Solve problems and celebrate the wins

*Mistakes are learning opportunities – fail forward fast

*Recognize everyone’s importance

*Help elevate others without hoarding knowledge

*Lose the ego

*Keep moving forward pursuing your best

*Help everyone you can

*Break tradition and improve