Xcoser®Xcoser Bleach Nelliel tu Skull Mask

A Nelliei Tu helmet that will set you apart, from the classic anime Bleach. Its features appearing sharper and less cartoonish with a pair of curved horns, but still missing some of its teeth.

Xcoser®The Book Of Boba Fett SW Helmet

Repainted and redesigned based on the latest look of The book of Boba Fett,  Xcoser® uses industry-leading craftsmanship and polished details, only as a tribute to the return of the most legendary Bounty Hunter.

Xcoser®Made In Abyss The Lord of Dawn Bondrewd Helmet

Like a mad scientist Abyss pioneer, black bronze-like metallic Helmet, flashing with an eerie purple light. Xcoser® has devoted to recreate the unique and frightening style of Bondrewd Helmet.

Xcoser®Genshin Impact
Kuki Shinobu Mask

A mishmash of witch and criminal identities, the wabi-sabi, black metal style mask. Classical patterns and sharp lines present a contradictory cold texture. Xcoser® finely recreated every detail of the Kuki Shinobu mask.


Xcoser®OVERWATCH 2 Reaper Mask

Unlike the white bone color, the silver Reaper has a unique metallic texture and a classic design with a stronger sense of technology. Xcoser® presents the popular OW2 version of the Reaper Mask.

Xcoser®Bo-Katan Kryze SW Helmet

Built-in all-around sponge pad,Angle-adjustable Scope,Finely hand-painted, High characteristic recreation... ,it is a Helmet of Bo-Katan Kryze, and a work of art.

Xcoser®ARCANE Ekko Firelights Mask

Ekko,the Boy Who Shattered Time,and the boss of the rebel sumpsnipe street gang-Firelights. Behind his Firelights Mask is a sincere heart to fight against the injustice of fate.

Xcoser®Elden Ring Malenia Blade of Miquella Valkyrie Winged Helmet

Blade of Miquella, the most challenging boss in Elden Ring - Malenia's Helmet is here! A bronze Valkyrie collectible Helmet with flying wings !

Xcoser®OVERWATCH 2 Kiriko Mask

The first character of OW2 is here! Released as fast as possible, the Mask of Kiriko has been polished many times to perfectly present the Kiriko look in OW2!!