【Unpainted】Xcoser 1:1 Scale Replica DIY Unpainted Halo3: ODST Cosplay Helmet

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1.This Halo3: ODST helmet is an unpainted version based on the painted version for DIY, which are subject to the actual product.

2.In stock, if you are keen on diy helmets, come and have a try~

Halo ODST Helmet | 3D model

Repainted by our customer:

Facebook: @Bella Marie Hartigan


Facebook: @Adam Penny

Adam Penny

Game: Halo 3
Character: ODST
Color: Unpainted,DIY
Size: One Size, Fitting Adult Head Normally - head circumference about 62cm.
Include 1*Helmet.
Material: ABS+Resin

1:1 Scale Replica Unpainted Halo3: ODST Cosplay Helmet

Xcoser Unpainted Halo3:ODST Helmet
  • However, please note:  that the helmet is only used for cosplay, it does not have professional protection functions, if you want a special riding helmet, in order to better protect yourself, please go to a qualified store to buy.

    "Soldiers, We are ODST, the best soldiers in the army.

    If we fail, these aliens will attack earth.

    They will take our land, kill our children, and enslave our people.

    We must win, your family is waiting for you.

    You all heard it! 

    Check your equipment.

    It is time for adventure!"

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    Very careful finish

    I bought three products from this shop. All of them are good. This ODST helmet has molded lines all over it, and all of them are beautifully reproduced. Usually, products in this price range have scratches, chips, mold defects, uneven paint, and dust inclusions, but this ODST has no defects and is very carefully finished. The one I bought is a base paint version that can be customized, so you can buy lacquer spray from Citadel or other brands and paint it black, for example. I highly recommend this product.

    So great,Thank you for your high appreciation of our products, we will work hard to do better♥♥

    Jeff Mansfield
    Xcoser ODST Helmet (unpainted)

    I order the unpainted ODST helmet, and it arrived very fast, about a week and a half later. Though on unboxing I found a problems with the helmet straight away and contacted Xcoser straight away with photos if the problems. Xcoser customer services emailed me back within 24 hours and said that they would ready the problems with the helmet straight away. About a week later I received a replacement helmet in perfect condition.
    The helmet itself has brilliant detail and is pretty lightweight for a resin helmet. The visor is a little see through and not really dark enough to hide your face if you intend to wear it, you could put a darker tint on it yourself. If you are going to be wearing the helmet I would advise that you buy a U Channel rim from amazon just to protect the edge of the neck ring. Apart from that 5 starts for detail, quality and customer service

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