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"Tech" was the nickname of a clone commando who served in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars as a member of Clone Force 99. Due to his genetic mutations, he appeared leaner, fairer, and younger than his fellow clone troopers.

Tech served as the brains of his squad and was a valued asset in this regard, using his high intellect and mastery of technology to ensure their operations were successful, though he was no less skilled in combat than the other three.

Personality-wise, Tech was very talkative and communicative; one of his major quirks was his eagerness to dispense trivial knowledge about any given subject without hesitation or reason. When confronted with a task that demanded his full concentration, he tended to become oblivious to what was going on in his surroundings, unless it was a matter of life and death.

Tech's primary weapons were two DC-17 hand blasters, with which he was very proficient, and he wore modified Katarn-class Commando Armor with a unique helmet. The helmet was equipped with a translation visor that was capable of translating various languages.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Clone Force 99 Tech Cosplay Helmet (Pre-order)

Description: Tech
Detachment: The Bad Batch Clone Force 99
Context: Star Wars: The Bad Batch

🙃Material: Resin
🙃Head circumference: US 8 or more large+
🙃Package includes: A helmet
🙃Perfect for Halloween cosplay, role play, dress-up, theme party such as Star Wars: The Bad Batch Festival, Star Wars Celebration, etc.

The Bad Batch Clone Force 99 Tech Helmet offer to star wars fans, star wars collector, the bad batch collector, Xcoser helmet fans, etc.

If you wanna we made this please share this pre-order page with your friends Invite them to join the pre-sale order, in addition to speeding up our final production, you and your friends can also get an additional 10% discount extra. Please contact our Customer Service: info@xcoser.com 

🤖We will pre-order made this one! Now early birds price:  250 USD normal price will be 408 USD.🥰

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