Xcoser Star Wars: The Clone Trooper Commander Fox Helmet Cosplay Collectible Helmet

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Xcoser Star Wars: The Clone Trooper Commander Helmet Capt.Rex Fox Thorn Cosplay Collectible Helmet


Commander Fox Helmet

CC-1010, nicknamed "Fox," was a clone trooper officer who served as the Clone Commander of the Coruscant Guard during the Clone Wars. While the Grand Army of the Republic deployed across the galaxy under the command of Jedi Generals, Commander Fox and his clone shock troopers were stationed on Coruscant, the capital planet of the Galactic Republic. Like all clone troopers under his command, Fox was bound by duty and honor to serve and protect Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine as well as members of the Galactic Senate. Over the course of the war, Fox became one of the most highly decorated soldiers in the Republic Military.


🙃TV/Anime/Movie/Game:Star Wars Battlefront II (Mentioned only)
                                                 Star Wars: The Clone Wars film (First appearance)

Clone Trooper Officer(CC-1010)Capt.Rex Fox Thorn
Red+Black+White(as shown)
Adult Unisex
🙃Head circumference: 
One fits most adult(60-62cm)
🙃Package includes: 
A helmet
Perfect for Halloween cosplay, role play, dress-up, theme party such as Star Wars: The Clone Trooper Festival, Star Wars Celebration, etc.


Commander Fox Helmet

  • 💗【1:1 Scaled Clone Commander Helmet】Realistic detail and movie-accurate reproduction, Professional hand-painting, Deluxe Mechanical metal texture.
  • 💗【Helmet Details】: One size, about 60-62cm, fits most adult and teenagers.
  • 💗【Premium Material】: This Clone Trooper Commander Helmet is Made of high quality Resin with PVC lens, Sturdy but very Textured, inside Fully Padded with Liner.
  • 💗【Exquisite Craftsmanship】: Fine workmanship, and exquisite texture is full of the surface of the Clone Commander Helmet.
  • 💗【Muitiple Occasion】: Suitable for Collection,Decoration,Halloween,Comic-con,Christmas,Masquerade Dress Up,Carnival Party,Anime party, etc.
  • 💗【Customer Guarantee】:  if there is any problem, please contact us immediately, we will deal with it for you as soon as possible.
  • However, please note: The helmet is only used for cosplay and does not have professional protective functions. If you want a special riding helmet, for better protection, please go to a qualified store to buy.

Commander Fox Helmet

🎃How to care for it:
1. Keep it away from corrosive products, such as chemicals.
2. Avoid dropping it or hitting it.
3. Avoid scratching it.
4. Avoid wearing it during sports or showering.
5. Wipe it with a soft cloth.

1. Please allow a slight dimension difference due to different manual measurements.
2. Due to the different monitor and light effects, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures.

More detail:

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Brice Loggins

I received the helmet, it is larger than expected, but in a good way,so I just pleasantly surprised. The workmanship and materials were solid, and it looks great even just sitting on my desk. Although this deluxe version to be slightly more expensive, but I think it is a great value, exactly the same as their pictures show, I even think it looks better than the helmet in TCW LOL

Ms. Peacock
Impeccable Detail for Any Star Wars Fan or Cosplayer

I couldn't resist getting my hands on the perfect addition to my cosplay closet. Seeing the attention to detail Xcoser included in the photos alone was enough to seal the deal. But when I opened the box and actually saw the amazing work that went into making this, it's more than just a component to your cosplay collection. It's a show piece. The distressing of it is perfectly done while still remains sleek and clean.
The visibility with it on is surprisingly great. You may have a bit of trouble with looking down/walking up and down stairs if you plan to keep it on all the time but otherwise it is very clear and breathable. I will say IF YOU WEAR GLASSES BEWARE! I tried 2 different pairs/styles of frames with it and was unfortunately unable to get the helmet on with them ,so if you are not able to see without your glasses that could be an issue you may need to consider, or reach out to the company to potentially have a custom build to accommodate for glasses-wearer's. They do include a mask for underneath in case you want/need it. Which I thought was a really thoughtful touch. As far as cons go there really aren't many for me. There's a slightly odd odor out of the box but I am hoping after a few days out of the box it will air out and lose a bit of the weird scent it has currently. The only other con I have is that as a girl who has longer nails the additional visor attachment was a bit harder to fully screw on and so I can't always get it to stay in place how/where I want which is kinda a bummer since it's another nice little additive detail they made sure to include.

- immensely detailed and beautiful distressing to make it look authentic
- amazing visibility from inside the helmet
- complete 360 immense detail

- there's an initial funky smell when you open it initially but seems to fade the more its left out

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